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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

50 Random Facts About Me Tag

1. I grew up in East London and now live in Essex

2. I have lots of freckles (...and i like them!!)

3. When i was a child i always said i either wanted to be an air hostess or an astronaut.

4. i'm 5ft 2..... and a half...

5. I have been driving now for 10 years, and couldn't be without my car

6. My parents are Irish

7. I suffer from anxiety especially social anxiety (planning a post on this subject)

8. My first son was 12 days overdue and my second son born at 33 weeks pregnant.

9. I have a small tribal tattoo on my back

10. I had braces twice in my life

11. I went to an All Girls school and it wasn't half bad

12. I'm a qualified beauty therapist and then went into Makeup further down the line.

13. I can be quite messy around the house so have to try and keep that in line

14. I have naturally mousey hair colour

15. I have the same 2 best friends since we started school at 11.

16. I met my fiancée when i was 18 at work and were good friends for years after we left there but we didn't get together until 4 years ago.

17. I am a gemini

19. I love keeping up with the kardashians... lol sorry

20. I did a lot of bar work in my younger days

21. I don't like extreme weather too much so prefer seasons like Autumn and Spring

22. I don't tan naturally.. think irish skin!! but i can burn too easily.

23. I have always wanted to holiday in cornwall

24. I was convinced in my pregnancy with Ethan that i was carrying a girl

25. I like cake! all cakes!

26. I love nothing more than sitting down with a cup of tea watching YouTube videos

27. I like to think I'm not a huge chocolate person..yet I rarely get through a day without it

28. I'm an only child

29. My memory is pretty terrible so I make a lot of lists so I can get things done

30. A hot bath is one of my favourite evening treats

31. I love my sleep and so do my boys am very lucky they don't wake till 8.30am

32. Randomly I prefer the normality of Monday to Friday over weekends.

33. I have about 3 stone in weight to lose :(

34. I had my belly button pierced at 17 but It closed up 4 yrs ago.

35. I love films like home alone & three men an a baby -childhood nostalgia

36. I have dyed my hair since i was a teen and have been blonde, black, red, plum and now brunette!

37. I'm often in my pjs by 6pm..

38. I love Italian food, its probably my favourite food for sure

39. My fave place to shop is Aldi but i do sainburys for the quality of their food..just don't love the bill

40. I am engaged but we're not planning the wedding just yet

41. I'm terrible at wearing nail polish it seems to chip so quickly no matter what brand it is

42. My parents divorced when i was little, my mum raised me.

43. I'm 31 and i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up

44. I have been treated for acne and put on roaccutane twice. It didn't work long term

45. I lived in Ireland for 5 years.

46. I love being pregnant but still moaned about all my ailments on a daily basis :)

47. Coffee shops are one my fave hang outs!

48. I love shows like gogglebox, great british bake off, one born every minute, first dates

49. My partner is my absolute best friend and we give ourselves tummy aches from laughing so much

50. I have no expectations for this blog whatsoever i just hope anyone who passes by my blog enjoys what they are reading.

Love Tags like this...!! Quite a lot of fun though i took my time writing this one as i could hardly think of anything about me haha.. x..I tag you all!! Is there anything unusual random about yourself ? comment below! and give this post a thumbs up if you liked it...x

Happy Wednesday.... Hope your all having a lovely day!

Love Kerrie xx


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