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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What I Ate Wednesdays #1

As you can see from the title of this post i am doing a What I Ate Wednesday series. I have wanted to do these for a while as i love these type of blog posts and videos. What people have to eat & drink each day are honestly some of my favourite pics on instragram! My partner thinks its weird i could spend so long scrolling through pictures and pictures of strangers dinners and snacks but i love it! I am currently doing a combination of Slimming world and Calorie Counting. Mostly following the 'slimming world' way but keeping an eye on calories too.. I'l probably have a 'naughty' wednesday sooner or later but will always post it and be completely honest.


One slice of Warburtons Wholemeal Toast With very tiny bit of Flora Light Butter
1 egg fried (fry-light oil) & Mushrooms. Orange Juice mixed with my Spa-Tone Iron supplement that i have every morning.


I wasn't starving for lunch so just wanted something light so opted for a yummy cup of Tea with Skimmed milk. Aldi Wholegrain Crackers with Dairylea Light spread,  carrot sticks and hommous.

Afternoon Snack:
Around 4pm i do tend to get a little peckish...as we don't often have dinner till after 6 so instead of crisps or chocolate bar i have been trying my best to be healthier. I made this a couple of days ago mixed alot of various fruit and mixed it with some aldi smoothie and its lush! I did this mostly for Ethan as he has quite a sweet tooth but prefer to give him fruit.

Slimming World Extra Easy syn free Chilli con Carne with Cauliflower rice. I used chickpeas because i had no kidney beans. 

Night time snack:

Trying to keep my 'syns' low today but also still a bit full from dinner so having a Twinings salted caramel green tea and an Alpen light jaffa cake bar.

Thats everything i had! I usually have more lol. However i wasn't overly hungry today and was busy in and out with the kids running errands not to mention trying to be good on slimming world so some days are basic and light like this and others are a little more exciting and naughty.

Hope you have had a great wednesday!

Kerrie xx

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