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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Pram Woes..

So this post will probably not be a very interesting one!! But i'm feeling a little sad as i am currently on the lookout for a double pram and i just don't know which one to get or which brand is right for me. Long story short i bought a second hand double pram off ebay about 6 weeks ago.
When i had Ethan i wanted everything brand new and shiny so went out and got myself a nice black silver cross surf. I loved it! It was easy from the get go. Easy to fold down, lightweight, smooth on the pavements. I still have it and sometimes i still use this if i am only taking Dylan out but i have to say it feels like it one of the wheels has something wrong with it, its not flat cos they're not real tyres so puncture free but one tends to want to go in a certain direction so it can be hard to push at the moment. Probably something minor i can get fixed however what i really need is a double pram to take both my boys out in. Ethan has only just turned 2 and will walk a little bit but gets tired and lazy so will refuse to walk, and quite right really cos he is only 2.
So back to the pram i got off eBay... Well my theory was this. I didn't wanna spend loads of money on a double pram that i probably wouldn't use for that long. I did not want something too used, so looked around on ebay and found one that had been barely used a Phil & Ted's Sport double and it was a business so they changed all the fabrics and tyres on it in order to resell and get the best possible price. I mean it did look almost new.. so happy days!

When it arrived i was definitely pleased with it. It looked in such a lovely an new condition that i felt i had made right choice and saved a few pound in the process. I liked the latest Phil & Ted 'navigator' double in Mothercare and it didn't feel too big or heavy in the shop. So i guess naively i presumed many of their prams would be the same. The model i chose on eBay a 'sport' is an older model and not one still available in the shops.
Fast forward six weeks and....... I'm not so happy. As great a condition the pram is in. I wish i had got it from a shop where i could have tested it out and had a proper good look at it.The realism is it's a ridiculously heavy pram! I drive everywhere so i need to get this in and out of the boot and i won't lie it's hard work. Not easy to fold up and down either it takes more time than it should to get it all up and ready with kids inside. It's so heavy before the kids even sit in, so once they are in, it's just so heavy to push! I did wonder if I'm a bit of a weakling lol but no this really is a very strong pram a bit too strong for me. A small trip to the local shop or doctors pushing this and I'm genuinely worn out, puffing away all red-faced!
I also don't like the tyre's at all! It isn't smooth on the footpath like my silvercross It's very bumpy for the kids and the tyre's do seem to be a bit fragile. I can't count how many times I've put air in these tyres and i haven't even had it long or used it much. Something us busy mum's could do without to be honest!There are a few other issues with the pram but the main problem i have is how solid and heavy it is. That it really isn't enjoyable pram to use at all. So I am going to buy a different one but i do need to do my research this time and get the right one.
If anyone reading has any suggestions for good doubles I'd love to hear them, as I'm at a loss at the moment..  :) I like some of the side by side ones like the city mini.. but i worry about getting it through doorways! Any advice would be much appreciated.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Getting back to normal and my little man's 2nd Birthday!

Feeling slightly relieved as things are slowly getting back to normal. So firstly my dear mum came over from Ireland.. Now my mum usually comes over to see us about twice a year. She does like to come over here not just to see us but i think it's quite nostalgic for her as she lived here for 30 years raising me then moved back to her homeland 7 years ago so she does like to reminisce and see old friends as well. But obviously her one massive reason to visit now is her grandsons and me!! She spent 10 days here which was so nice to see her and spend quality time with us all.
BUT.... was i glad when she went home...?? Yes!!! haha Not to sound horrible. I love my mum dearly. I'm an only child and she raised me on her own so we have always been close however we are very different people. And after a few days of living with mum you start to realise just how different you are. From questioning how i do things around my house and with the kids to talking to me like i'm 15 again.. lol not good. Of course at the same time i was hit with a bad head cold and a nasty cough that really didn't help but at least i got help with the kids while i was feeling unwell which i am grateful for cos its hard enough looking after newborn and toddler let alone when ur ill as well.
Though my mum got on my nerves at times. I do always miss her when she goes. Not having your mum live up the road like most people is always very hard for me. Especially with little ones, she misses a lot and doesn't really get that grandparent quality time with her only grandchildren so it is hard for all. It can be hugely isolating at times but something you just have to crack on with and just appreciate the times you do get it together and we did have a nice time as well while she was here, did alot of shopping on the days i felt better, bought mostly for the boys though i did a little sneaky trip to MAC.
Then on Saturday my beautiful little man Ethan turned 2..

We decided not to have a big party for him as we don't know too many kids of the same age, most are older however, we did have a little family gathering with my partners family. We had a great day with some of his cousins, cake and lots & lots of toys. We had one stressful summer with my Dylan coming early at 33 wks then being in NICU  for 2 weeks before we could take him home. My partners Grandad passed away after a short illness. He was incredibly close to him so has taken this very hard. And then my mother staying with us (LOL).. that last one is a joke hehe wasn't that stressful. Hopefully now though we can get a bit of normality back in our lives..

Thursday, 24 September 2015

10 Reasons i Love Autumn

September is here! One of my favourite months after may
 my birthday month!  More importantly its my favourite season! Golden leaves, darker evenings, cosy nights on the sofa! Its my ideal season and here's why..
Goodbye Summer!!! I love a bit of sun like anyone but when we get those longed for heatwaves.. yes i am one of those people who end up moaning about how uncomfortable it is..! I really don't like wearing less clothes. I was never overly confident with my body but after having two kids in a short space of time wearing dresses, shorts, vests, arms out, legs out, everything out.. it just fills me with dread every time! I don't like sweating, humid nights, hot trains and quite frankly i don't enjoy bbq's...!!! Now i'm not a total misery there are some things i like about summer but on the whole Autumn/Winter is definitely my season!!
Darker evenings... As the nights draw in and it gets colder outside this is the time that i really love.. I can also start to put my 2 year old to bed a bit earlier now, as he will actually believe me when i say its night time...
Cosy Blankets on the sofa! Winter duvet on the bed! Yes even though i love this time of year i feel the cold more than most so i love nothing more that sitting on the sofa of an evening, cup of tea in one hand, cosy blanket over me, fire on, catching up with my shows on the sky planner & if its dark cold and rainy outside.. even better! am all for the cosyness!!
Hot dinners! Yes yes yes.. stews, casseroles, roast dinners, all kinds of yummyness! I love a hot dinner! much prefer them to salads, cold dinners, bbq food any day. Sooo Comforting!
Pumpkin spiced latte!! mmmmm i cannot wait to see these back at Starbucks! its delicious! Any hot drinks to be honest are lovely & warming in the cold weather.. Tea, Hot chocolate.. But i do love going to a starbucks or costa coffee for their seasonal coffees. Anything with pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, chestnut, almond in is always a winner!
Darker Nails.. along with a change of season. I move over to the dark side on my nails too.. Love the burgundy, plums, and black shades.
Autumn Leaves.. Where i live there isn't many leaves on the ground. It's quite built up, very residential with little trees around but i do loves golden leaves on the ground as you walk. And i will be taking my toddler to local parks or into the nearby countryside so he can run around and play in them, something i loved to do as a child.
Halloween... Now i like it and i don't like it. I'm not really into trick or treating though my kids are much too young but i'm not sure i will ever allow them to do it as its just not safe where i live in outer London. If i lived in a little cute village or town then maybe but for now no. I do however remember dressing as a witch when i was little at home, making 'potions', watching hocus pocus eating toffee apples. So for that reason halloween is nostalgic to me and i hope to make it special and imaginative for my boys as they grow up too.
Autumn/Winter Fashion. I love love love wearing boots! could wear them all year long. I love coats, scarf's, gloves, woolly hats! i love the darker or more interesting colours in the shops. I also feel there is a far better choice of clothing during this season & then of course there is all the LBT's, sparkle and xmas jumpers as we go nearer Xmas time and who doesn't like a bit of that?!
And finally yes Xmas Time!!! From September/October.. Xmas stuff is suddenly just everywhere in the shops! Once bonfire night is over the xmas count down is really on! Xmas street lights, xmas music wherever you go, mulled wine, shopping for presents, xmas work parties, cosy nights in.. its all a very magical time of year and i for one love it!!
Does Anyone else love this time of year..!?  or am i on my own.. hehe

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Current Beauty Favorites

I haven't got time for shopping right now. Life is very hectic as you can imagine with a toddler and a 10 week old baby. Getting the little ones ready an out the door just to go to the supermarket can be an ordeal in itself.. However there are a few things i have been loving lately and using reliously.
Garnier Ultimate Blends 'Gloss Reviver' shampoo and conditioner which i think is fairly new to the market. I only picked this up 2 weeks ago while out grocery shopping and i really like it. It gives my hair a lovely shine and conditions an nourishes my hair without weighing it down to much though a pea size amount is more than enough for shorter hair as it does contain extract oils in so i wouldn't go overboard and lather it on...
One product i been reaching for every single day when i do my makeup is the Liz Earle Radiant skin bronzer. I literally cannot get enough of this bronzer. I normally don't bother with bronzers as i have quite pale skin most do look silly on me giving me too much of a tango or muddy effect!!! Not a good look on me!! But i have to say this one is just beautiful. It gives me a lovely warmth to the skin while adding a subtle glow. It does have a soft sheen to it, so if you only like matte bronzers maybe give this one a miss. 11921998_10153539785017645_678508447_nBut for me i love it, its not shimmery but more of a pearlised glow, its not too much on the skin and i always get asked what i am wearing on my skin when i wear this. Definitely a keeper! At the moment i have using Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser or what's left of it i should say and a bit of Loreal True Match Powder Foundation (sheer beige) on top for a little extra coverage where i need it. Helps my makeup stay in place for the day and really does have some lovely coverage to it without looking cakey which is what i really need at the moment because my skin has gone a bit AWOL since having my baby. My only issue with this is the packaging. I do think its quite messy to use, the brush is very rough so i tend to use my real techniques powder brush instead but overall a great foundation.
Then on my eyes i been loving MAC frost eyeshadow in Patina a beautiful antique gold. I love this shade so much i haven't had it too long and i have already hit pan on it. Unlike most gold shadows that are often more of a yellowish gold which doesn't really suit me, this shadow is very subtle and elegant looking on the lids. 11951059_10153539784967645_1548789634_nIts my go to colour for every day! I pair this with the Bourjois Waterproof Push up Volume Glamour Mascara.. So far i 'think' i like this and then i think no there must be something new and better to try. The reason this is one of my favourites is because i have been using this solidly for 2 months now and to be honest it does do the job! It has a nice size brush, its not too wet or dry in consistency. Packaging is cute and it does make my lashes look very black and with lots volume esp after 2 coats so what's the problem right?? For me i don't get great length in my lashes from it which is something i always long for.. But for now its works a treat.
And finally all through the summer i have been applying Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion in medium to dark all over my body or maybe just my neck arms and legs just 'sometimes'. I get a really nice natural looking tan. Even in medium to dark its still very subtle on the skin and never looks too dark on me. Its one product i will be definitely repurchasing again and again, i have nothing bad to say about it.
That's it! Hope your having a lovely day!!! xx
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