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Thursday, 31 March 2016

How To Pick Yourself Up After A Bad Day/Week

Like everyone.. i have bad days. Some days i will try and pull myself together and other days it feels like one of those says where things keep going wrong all day or your just in one of those moods that you can't snap out of. If your just feeling a bit blue, or work is stressing you, kids are being crazy like something on duracell.. or your having just the worst week.. then here are my own personal tips to on how i try to keep calm, happy and carry on.. Now i should add that i do suffer from anxiety. Its something i am trying to 'manage' but it can get the best of me some days if i let it but here are little tips i try to do to help myself and to keep in a positive frame of mind. I thought i would write this post as i am often affected by my moods especially lately as i have gone from the contraceptive injection to the pill and i feel my hormones are all over the place. So that along with my anxiety has made my moods and life.. a little tricky the past couple of weeks but the old moods are starting to settle now i think so these are just some things i find do help..

1. Breathing: Since i have discovered the extent of my anxiety i have been teaching myself to breathe properly especially in moments of stress or if i feel unhappy or out of control in any way. Simply taking a few quiet moments to yourself even if its only for a minute and just breathing in deeply and back out slowly. I try to do this 4 or 5 times. Now i don't always do this when i am feeling anxious or stressed sometimes it can be the last thing i think of. However i am trying to get myself in the habit of doing this as when i do i find it does help a lot. 

2. Taking a bath:
I love a bath, its definitely one of my favourite ways to unwind and relax. I don't get to have 'long' soaks too much but when i do, oh do i enjoy it. Most of the time i have a quick bath or shower but when i get the chance to have a nice bath i do it properly some lush bath bombs/bars, lots of bubbles, a magazine or i watch youtube videos. Although sometimes its just nice to put the phone away and listen to beautiful silence or failing that some relaxing songs. There are so many compilations on youtube of relaxing/meditation music too if you do want to completely zone out. 

3. Talking a walk: If you have the time to take a walk by yourself preferably do it.. Some alone time and fresh air can work wonders and really clear your head. If you live near the beach even better, it works wonders!

4: Letting the little things go: This one is definitely easier said than done. I am a big time worrier and can worry and get upset over silly things that really aren't a big deal. I try to stop and think is this worth a reaction on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being nothing and 5 being a fairly big problem) or is this some thing i can let go. Whether it be why once again your other half hasn't picked up his soaks off the bathroom floor or  why most of your toddlers dinner is on the floor instead of in his tummy. Little things that seem so trivial but stress most of us out is life. Sometimes if i tell myself this is really not something to get upset over, its silly. When i do, feel better for letting it go and move on faster. But then as i said above some days if i am in a bad mood or a little sensitive, letting these things go is very difficult to do.

5. Seeing friends/family: If you have had a bad day or week, popping over to your folks or seeing friends can be greatly uplifting. My family live in Ireland so it can be hard being without them but if your like me arranging a good catch up with your bestie can be all the therapy you need. As i am at home a lot i do try to arrange days out with friends or even a simple lunch when i can. I find being at home for days can pull anyone down so getting out the house even if its just for a couple of hours makes a real difference.

6. Booking a holiday or trip away: Now obviously we can't book a trip every time we feel a little down. However it is nice to have something bigger to look forward to. A break away from the norm even if its just a night away or a weekend. 

7. Getting organised: Everything can feel a lot worse when the house is a tip. I feel so much better when its all clean and tidy. I'm not a clean freak by any means in fact i was always fairly messy but since having kids i can't let the house get out of control or it becomes too overwhelming and i don't know where to start. So every day i do a quick tidy up an clean of the living room, kitchen and bathroom. But I leave deeper cleaning to certain days of the week. I will do a post on this late on as there is too much to go into. Same goes for time managing. If you know you have a lot to do tomorrow, plan your time wisely. If you have a busy week ahead maybe set a evening aside where you can meal prep to save yourself time later in the week when you need it. 

8. Have a Date night: Make sure you are making time for the two of you as well. Its easy to get side tracked once kids come along but its important to make time for you two as well.  Of course this can be done at home if its not easy to get out or find a babysitter. However if you have the opportunity to go out then do! It helps you connect and have a proper conversation away from kids and tv.

9. Eat well: I know some of these might seem obvious. However for me this one is quite important. When i am eating right and not filling myself up on rubbish i find a massive improvement in how i feel in general. I am currently following slimming world plan and feel so much better most days as i feel i have control back of what i am eating rather than before i would eat anything an everything and feel rather rubbish for it.

10: Exercise: So this is hand in hand with eating well. I really need to take my own advice on this one! I'm so rubbish at exercising. I get tired when i climb the stairs.. lol! However i have started to do little work outs in the morning before the kids get up and as am sure most of you will know exercising releases happy endorphins as well as keeping us fit, it will help keep the mind healthy too! I don't feel my 2/3 workouts a week are enough. I don't spend too long on them so i want to join my local gym as i feel being amongst other gym goers will make me work out better. That's the theory anyway!

So this is everything i try and do to keep myself happier and in a more positive frame of mind..

Thank you for reading, please comment or like if you enjoyed this post!

Have a lovely Thursday!

Kerrie xx


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