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Friday, 25 September 2015

Getting back to normal and my little man's 2nd Birthday!

Feeling slightly relieved as things are slowly getting back to normal. So firstly my dear mum came over from Ireland.. Now my mum usually comes over to see us about twice a year. She does like to come over here not just to see us but i think it's quite nostalgic for her as she lived here for 30 years raising me then moved back to her homeland 7 years ago so she does like to reminisce and see old friends as well. But obviously her one massive reason to visit now is her grandsons and me!! She spent 10 days here which was so nice to see her and spend quality time with us all.
BUT.... was i glad when she went home...?? Yes!!! haha Not to sound horrible. I love my mum dearly. I'm an only child and she raised me on her own so we have always been close however we are very different people. And after a few days of living with mum you start to realise just how different you are. From questioning how i do things around my house and with the kids to talking to me like i'm 15 again.. lol not good. Of course at the same time i was hit with a bad head cold and a nasty cough that really didn't help but at least i got help with the kids while i was feeling unwell which i am grateful for cos its hard enough looking after newborn and toddler let alone when ur ill as well.
Though my mum got on my nerves at times. I do always miss her when she goes. Not having your mum live up the road like most people is always very hard for me. Especially with little ones, she misses a lot and doesn't really get that grandparent quality time with her only grandchildren so it is hard for all. It can be hugely isolating at times but something you just have to crack on with and just appreciate the times you do get it together and we did have a nice time as well while she was here, did alot of shopping on the days i felt better, bought mostly for the boys though i did a little sneaky trip to MAC.
Then on Saturday my beautiful little man Ethan turned 2..

We decided not to have a big party for him as we don't know too many kids of the same age, most are older however, we did have a little family gathering with my partners family. We had a great day with some of his cousins, cake and lots & lots of toys. We had one stressful summer with my Dylan coming early at 33 wks then being in NICU  for 2 weeks before we could take him home. My partners Grandad passed away after a short illness. He was incredibly close to him so has taken this very hard. And then my mother staying with us (LOL).. that last one is a joke hehe wasn't that stressful. Hopefully now though we can get a bit of normality back in our lives..

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