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Monday, 14 March 2016

How To Get Through 'That Time Of The Month' With As Little Drama As Possible

The past week has not been a great one, no particular reasons or anything, but it is 'that' time of the month. Now i apologise if this is TMI but I wanted to talk about this as I feel a lot of us women sweep it under the carpet like its nothing because we are so used to it, and rightly so it shouldn't be a big deal at all. I mean we are used to it by now, it is a fact of life for us women. However, if like me it affects you in many ways and the people around you, then here are my own tips for staying sane during this time..

1. Being honest about your Moods: For me this is the first sign that my monthly is on the way and my moods do not really improve until its over. I can be an enormous pain to live with during this time! I am the first to admit it. I take everything personally, I'm snappy with my loved ones. Suddenly my partners jokes are not so funny especially if they are at my expense. I cry at the drop of a hat and I'm generally a pain to be around! Its quite clear to my partner when I'm due on and is often the time we argue the most. Firstly if you know your being moody but your tell yourself..no, no you really are upset about him making himself a cup of tea and not offering you one..then i would be talk to him, because he is not a mind reader, say your on your period or nearly due on and not feeling yourself so to try and be sensitive to that. If they know, I'm sure they will be more understanding and patient. 

2. Eat & drink well:  Some days we eat whatever we fancy and still treat ourselves to a chinese on a Friday and why not, life is short! But, but, but..I notice a huge difference in myself when i eat healthily. I have more energy, I feel happier, mood swings are much much better and more stable. I feel good, and more positive about life. So even though it feels like I'm constantly hungry when I'm on or i want to eat my weight in chocolate. I have been making an effort to eat better and drink more and during this time i am feeling better for it.

3. Grab some me time: If you are feeling rather irritated but its normal Tuesday morning and your kiddies are keeping you busy then in that case having some 'me' time is pretty much impossible. Make sure the space around you is tidy for a start. Tidy house, Tidy mind and all that... Set your child up with a game or some crafts to keep them busy. Make yourself some tea.. or whatever you fancy and sit down for 15 minutes and relax, and breathe. If its the weekend and hubby is home why not take yourself out for a couple of hours browse some shops or grab a coffee some where, meet up with a friend.

4. Coping with pain: Some women get very bad period pain that it is crippling for them. Mine isn't too bad really as I'm on the pill but before i was it was very painful. A hot water bottle is really comforting. I love to have a hot bath, helps to ease pain and relax your muscles and mind. Taking a nap (if you can!) helps if like me you get more tired at this time of the month, so nothing wrong with a little nap if you can get it. Taking paracetamol or nurofen and curling up on the sofa with a blanket and cuppa..

5. Don't deprive yourself: Even if your on a diet of some sort. If you really want that chocolate, cake or red wine have it! You'll only drive yourself nuts thinking about it.

6. Don't go clothes shopping: I know i said above to browse the shops and you should! But maybe stay away from clothes for yourself. What with water retention and feeling generally emotional/annoyed, shopping for clothes is a bad move. I know myself when i have tried things on during this time i feel fat, my 'usual' size is too tight, and I'm just unhappy with the look, then back to unhappy with myself for being 'fat' and its a vicious circle. So avoid it! No good will come from it. 

7. Have a little pampering: Have a long hot bath or shower. Wash your hair, spend time styling it, exfoliate, apply some tan, paint your nails, pluck your brows. If you help yourself to look your best you will feel your best.. It always makes me feel so much better. 

8. See your GP if you suffer badly: If you find that you really suffer with your monthlies your moods are too extreme or you get unbearable pain see your GP. There might be something to help. The pill helps me as it keeps my periods lighter and much less pain than before. However it hasn't really helped with regards to mood swings and acne but there might be something out there more suited to you. 

Do you suffer badly that time of the month? Do you have any tips an tricks you find help? Would love to know you thoughts. Thank you for reading and a Happy Monday to you all 

Kerrie xx


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