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Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Mummy Tag

A few months ago i was tagged to do 'the mummy tag' however..its been a quite a few months since I've posted anything at all so getting back into it i thought this would be fun to do....xx

1. Are you a stay at home mum or a working mum?

I work Part time in London & currently on maternity leave until July.

2. Would you have it any other way?

Yes!!! I would love to be a stay at home mum. Not because i have no intention of working. But i just want to be around for the boys. They are at such a young age (7months & 2yrs old) I would happily work when they are both at school. But if i am honest in an ideal if i could choose being at home or working. I definitely would want to be at home.

3. Do you co sleep?

Nope, we have never done that. For one we were lucky with Ethan he slept through the night from 5 weeks old. Dylan has only recently gone from a moses basket to a cot as he was premature so has been fairly small for a long time. He also sleeps through the night luckily. I guess in the situation where if they are just not sleeping then it means you don't sleep so that kind of exhaustion must be so so hard to deal with then i could totally understand co sleeping but for us it wasn't ever an issue. I personally would be too afraid i would squish them in the night! I was always pretty firm that i wanted the boys to sleep in their own beds so it wouldn't become a problem down the line an they would have that little independence.

4. What is your one must have item for your baby?

A great pram!!! As for most people I'm sure it is an absolute necessity. However getting the right pram is something to really think about and research properly. I went around shop to shop looking for the right pram/stroller/travel-system when i was pregnant with Ethan. I thought i knew what i was looking for but as with most first time mums to be i really didn't have a clue. Of course i had been given advice from family & friends on brands, and what to look for, what not to look for.. But i still felt non the wiser. Many of my friends had gone through 2 or 3 prams since they had their child. I was sure i didn't want the hassle or expense of all that. So after much browsing and researching online.. I went with a Silver Cross Surf and loved it from the get go! A great pram that folds up and down with ease and one where i don't have to pump the tyres with air every minute is a dream. That pram saw me all the way through with Ethan and i have since used it with Dylan even though it is on its last legs am still reluctant to let it go..

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

I have 2 little boys and i also have an (almost 8yr old) Stepson who visits us once a week. I think i definitely want one more. Though i think if we were doing good financially and had a nice size home we would want 2 more..

6. Date night.. how many nights per month?

hmmm.. probably zero at the moment..? ha ha. We rarely get to have a date night these days. We do try and do it normally but lately we just haven't got around to it. However i do think it is important in any relationship not to forget about each other just because of kids, work, stress... life basically. So i need to take my own advice there and organise a date night with my beloved, because this question has just reminded me that we have not had a 'date' in ages..lol x

7. Your child's favourite show?

I would say paw patrol & Ben & holly's little kingdom

8. Name one thing you bought before you had your baby and never ended up using?

Muslin cloths!! When your expecting esp with your first you look on websites, in books or even from friends on what they wouldn't be without. What is necessity and what isn't. Muslin Cloths seemed to be a popular necessity! so versatile everyone said, you wont be without them. Well. I stocked up and no they weren't used. I think i gave them a good try in the very early days with Ethan and did not get the hype when a wipe was sufficient. If they spit up a little i would use a baby wipe and if it was more than a little i would throw their clothes/blankets etc in the wash. A little lazy perhaps...maybe...

9. Your Child's favourite food?

Ethan's Favourite food is Spaghetti Bolognese and Pizza. Dylan is only starting solids this week so time will tell..

10. How many car's does your family have?

Just the one at the moment.

11.  Weight gain before pregnancy during, after and now?

I weighed 10 stone before i fell pregnant with Ethan. Then once i had him i was 12 stone. And pretty much stayed there.. With Dylan i think went to 14 stone ish. Not overly sure as i avoided scales as much as i could then! The Weight after Ethan was just too depressing.. After Dylan i was down to 13 stone. And i never really lost much after that. I tend to comfort eat in times of stress and last year was not an easy year, so it never came off. But now i am feeling more positive about it and i joined slimming world in January. My weight is about 12.7 now so trying to get the baby weight off slowly but surely this time.

12. Dream holiday with your kids?

Not sure about a 'dream' holiday.. but any holiday right now would be amazing! he he. Lots of places i want to take them... Cornwall, Ibiza (the family part!lol), Disneyland Florida, sharm el shiekh and more..

13. Dream holiday without your kids?

hmm.. Somewhere tranquil. Like the Maldives.. that would be amazing.

14. How has your life changed since your baby was born?

Its transformed completely. .But in the most amazing way. I wouldn't swap it for the world. I also think since becoming a mummy i am a nicer, more caring person. When you have to put them first in every way. It really does make you grow as a person. Life is busy and tiring.. but amazing.

15. Finish the sentence ..'it makes my heart melt to see..'

Ethan giving Dylan kisses & cuddles..or simply holding his hand. Its just the sweetest thing in the world.

16. Where do you shop for your kids?

Next mostly i do love their kids range. Also Primark, Zara, Mothercare.

17. Favourite Makeup or skincare products?

Mac Lipsticks, Clinique Moisturiser (the yellow one can't think of the name off hand) Estee lauder double wear foundation or Revlon colorstay foundation.

18. Huggies or Pampers?

Neither! Have i used both but didn't think they were great.  I prefer supermarket own brand ones, not all of them are good. But Asda and Aldi ones are great.

19. Have you always wanted kids?

I think since i was a child i always wanted kids especially as i am an only child. I had an amazing childhood but i missed having siblings and never hid that fact. It was fine as a kid when i got extra presents and my parents full attention. But as an adult.. it can be hard not to have anyone. So for that reason i always wanted my own family and thought if i ever had a child, i would need to have more than one. However i do like my own space.. and as i matured and got older i did question whether i would be a suitable mother many a time. When i was in my twenties and single, for some reason i couldn't picture me having children. The older i got i just didn't see it happening..Mostly because I didn't feel maternal.. so i was worried that deep down I'm not sure i want them or if i would be a good mum. When i found out i was expecting Ethan it was a big big shock to us! but one amazing one... and i would not change anything. and i know for sure now that... i am maternal and i am a good mum.

20. Best part about being a mum?

Watching these little people grow and learn new things daily. Watching their little quirks and who they take after.. their little giggles. And of course the all kisses and cuddles we share... best feeling in the world!

I tag all to do this tag!! Thanks for reading.. xx and Happy Saturday everyone! Have a great weekend.

Kerrie xxxxx

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