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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Autumn Glossybox Treats

This little delight arrived at my door yesterday and it felt like a much needed treat. Shopping for me.. proper shopping has become a thing of the past. With one child you can browse around the shops with ease.. take your time.. maybe grab a coffee?! with two.. its a very different story and something i try to avoid if possible. Its not worth the stress and if i do need to do it, i'm like a woman on a mission, i get in and out no hanging about. So now i order a lot more online than i used to. GlossyBox is not a necessity no. But for a beauty enthusiast like me who has little time its just fab! I love discovering brands and products I've never heard of and GlossyboxUK is perfect for that. I won't bore you with all the finer details about GlossyBox i'm sure you all know how it works by now.

So In this October's edition its all about great skin and what makes this one special is all 5 products are full sizes...#amazing

There really is a lovely selection this month and i'm excited to use them. So getting down to the products themselves..

In this months box:

Lanolips Golden Ointment Dry Skin Salve: A rich thick ointment that can be used on dry skin on your hands, feet, lips and any part of your skin that needs that extra nourishment. Very similar to Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, which i personally always loved but i actually do think i prefer this. It doesn't feel as greasy/sticky as the 8 hour Elizabeth Arden. Now I knew of this brand but had never used this so was delighted it was included in this months box. Lovely on the lips and i like to use a tiny tiny bit as a highlight dabbing it along my cheekbones. This really does make the skin glow and look so healthy in the most natural way. Only have this in my hands one day and i'm loving it! Retails at £17.99 from Boots.

Nicka k Airbrush Blending Sponge: Pink soft dome shaped sponge to help give a flawless finish to your foundation. Its best if you dampen the sponge just a little to help apply your foundation smoothly without dragging the skin or causing streaks. Also a damp sponge means it won't go on too cakey no matter what foundation you use. Retails at £6.50 from www.nicka.com

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara: Now this brand i had never heard of so i can't say too much about it yet but so far so good. This is described as a 100% Cruelty-free formula, with a brush designed to give you intense definition and dramatic volume and continues to curl them throughout the day. I used this on my lashes this morning. It does appear to define them quite nicely and give a nice curl, although not as black as i would like. However i only did one coat in a rush so will give this a good go over the next few weeks and see what its like. Retails at £17.95 from www.jellypongpong.com

So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil: A peachy creamy crayon that can be used on the water line to open up the eyes making them look bigger and whites of your eyes brighter. It can also be used as a highlight on the cheekbones and brow bone. And i think this would be really nice on your cupid bow to give the illusion that your lips fuller. Retails at £15 from www.sosusan.com/en/

Talika Photo-Hydra day: Described as a deeply hydrating moisturiser from this luxury French brand. This product contains Hyaluronic acid to plump the skin as well as a combination of carefully selected ingredients such as mango butter to help soothe and nourish the skin. Again i'm new to this brand so i can't go into much detail as yet. However i did use this yesterday and this morning and so far its really really lovely!!! It is nicely moisturising but at the same time its a light thin consistency that easily sinks into the skin which i like for my combination skin type. This is ideal for all skin types and as a gel like formula i can already tell that this is a wonderful product that i think i will love and need to repurchase. It has smoothed out any dryer parts of my skin but was also nice an lightweight on my oily t-zone. I think this is a great base for foundation and it should make it stay in place for longer but having just received this yesterday obviously time will tell how this product holds up on the skin but i really like this so far. Packaging is very simple however the scent is just lovely. Retails at £24.85 from www.talika.com/US/GB

And that is it for Octobers GlossyBox. Very Happy with the selection this month, especially the Lanolips Ointment and the Talika photo hydra. I can tell i'm going to love these already!

Anyone else receive this months GlossyBox? What is your favourite product?

Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!!

Kerrie xx

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  1. The box looks amazing, hope you like all the stuff. Have a great day, xo Teng



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