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Friday, 4 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day Folks!

Sipping on a nice cuppa, my babies are sound asleep and I'm wondering if i could plan mother's day for myself what would would it be? Well i am only tormenting myself as what i would 'like' really isn't how my mothers day is going to pan out..my husband as i call him is away in Qatar with work so i am alone just me and the babies this weekend and I have a massive ton of laundry to get through.. good times. Not all bad i guess he does fly home mothers day itself leaving enough time in the day we might grab a bite to eat somewhere. Although everywhere is booked out solid..the one day of the year restaurants are overflowing with people and there is no chance of getting a table..Its not looking good.

Maybe next year will be a nice one. A little lay in, a nice hot shower/bath, up and out maybe a small browse around a few shops with my own mum, stop for a brunch or afternoon tea. A bit of a 'spa' afternoon would be perfect too! Can i even fit all this into a day?! Its ok, I'll make it fit! Then a nice dinner out with the men in my life that evening.. Perfection.

However with a drop back down to earth, Mothering Sunday for me this year will be getting myself and the kids up, fed, dressed, tidy up toys, put a load in the washing machine, take clothes out dryer and fold put away, tidy toys again, try and settle the kids to watch Peppa or Thomas so i can get myself ready in a couple of minutes flat.. something i have become amazingly good at. Probably tidy up toys again. Wash up dishes from breakfast, sort out my changing bag, then out the door and off to Gatwick to collect the husband and the way the pub/restaurant situation is looking Mcdonalds on the way home might be our only hope..

I hope this post doesn't come off like a good old rant.. i mean i am having a slight moan because everyone wants to be spoilt for one day surely..when your a mummy to very young children all the days can run into one sometimes so a day 'off' like mothers day is a lovely treat to have. But i do know once we are all together again Sunday evening that will mean more to me than anything else..because they are everything.

Happy Mother's Day everyone..

Kerrie xx



  1. i just follow your blog.nice work <3

  2. aw thank you! will follow you back! have a good wkend x


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